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Finish School.Accelerate Your Future.

Quantum is a fully accredited, tuition-free public charter high school providing accelerated credit earning. Students can catch up on high schools credits - or even finish early - earning a real, genuine, high school diploma.

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It's Your Time

Quantum is intended for students grades 9-12 up to age 22, designed to fit your needs, your life, and your schedule.

Flexible Schedule

5 hour sessions starting at 7am or 12:30pm.

Earn Credit Faster

With self-paced coursework, earn High School credit up to 2x as fast as traditional school.

Graduate When YOU Are Ready

No waiting until semester end. Graduate with an authentic diploma as soon as you finish.

What We Offer

Job Placement and Career Coaching





Earn Credits for Working/Volunteering

College Application Assistance



Free Bus


Cap and Gown

Graduation Ceremony

On-Site Family Support Specialist

English Language Learnings Program

Why Quantum?

Quantum is a no-cost public high school option with a non-traditional approach. We believe that all students can learn and that every student will succeed. Our high expectations are rooted in our experience helping students from diverse backgrounds find their path to a high school diploma and a brighter future.

Quantum is a school of choice! Our students are not assigned or mandated to enroll with us—they choose to attend because of what we offer, including:

Flexible Schedule, Shorter Day

We offer two separate 5-hour sessions – morning and afternoon – to accommodate work or family responsibilities. Individuals can shift between sessions as their schedule allows or attend both (up to 8 hours per day) if they want to accelerate their pace.

Improved Test Results

With improved performance on FSA, EOC, and ACT exams, our students typically achieve higher average learning gains on Florida exams in math and reading.

Rapid GPA Improvement

Completed courses are immediately added to student transcripts, making it possible for our students to quickly improve their GPA.

Faster Credit Earning

Our mastery-based curriculum means students are not limited by the traditional 7-credit-per-year schedule. Quantum students can earn credits up to twice as fast as conventional high school!

Graduate Anytime

Complete all your courses? You don’t have to wait until the end of the year - or even the end of the semester - to finish school! Students can graduate with a standard, fully-accredited diploma as soon their work is done.

The Support You Need

Our team includes reading specialists, language experts, career coaches, retention professionals, and social workers. Our support system includes partnerships with local agencies as well as free public transportation to help remove obstacles and support our students through their journey!

All of these reasons, and more, are why Quantum consistently receives the highest school rating under Florida’s state accountability system.

Quantum has met the criteria for education 

quality to be accredited by Cognia.

Success Stories

Here are just a few of our students' stories. Ready to write your chapter? Get started today!

"I dove in head first."


Quantum Student

"This is what motivation can do for a person. I didn't quit. I’m still here. That’s the joy. They’re there to help you finish."


Quantum Student

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Our Mission

To help students at-risk of not graduating earn a standard high school diploma and prepare for post-secondary success.

Our teachers and staff are committed to a learning experience centered on the individual needs of each and every student. 

Hear what our students have to say about Quantum High School.

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